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Natalie Lenz-Acuña, Principal, St. Joseph School

I am writing you and the Council to make you aware of how valuable and important the Pinole Historical Society (PHS) is to St. Joseph School and Parish communities.

St. Joseph School has been a part of this vibrant community for over 58 years. Many of the civic leaders, business owners, first responders and citizens have been educated by the school and raised in our church community. The partnership of PHS and St. Joseph School is long standing.

The PHS has and continues to work hard to educate students and the community about our rich history, giving our students a sense of connection to our past and a vision for our future.

The PHS has partnered with St. Joseph School in several ways. Each year, our students have participated in their annual essay writing contest in which all grades participate. The Society presents awards at the end of the school year to the winners, bringing with them local dignitaries.

George Vincent (PHS co-founder and retired teacher) has come to our school to give a presentation to our 4th graders about the history and culture of Pinole.

Establishing the Pinole History Museum will preserve the collection of relics and nostalgia that tell the story and culture of the city of Pinole, which our school and parish have been a part of.

To be able to bring our school students through the museum will bring what we teach to them in school, to life. The museum will provide research opportunities and artifacts that will create a more inspiring educational experience on what it is to be a citizen of an upstanding community, and evoke civic pride.


Susyn Normington

I’ve been a resident of Pinole for 18 years. This is the only city my kids have ever known. We love the conveniences of a big city wrapped up in a small-town community. I was really excited to find out that Pinole had plans to build a history museum.

The history of Pinole is as diverse as its population. It’s always important to learn history, but a museum really makes it fun and easy for all ages to appreciate our city, and understand how it’s been built over generations.

I’m so proud of our strong community, and super excited to be part of the effort to share our story with Pinole residents and the rest of the Bay Area.


Joel L. Gannotti

I have witnessed the dedication of a select group of Pinole citizens to preserve the historical record of Pinole.

A record of the city’s unique and colorful history should be supported.

The restoration of the Faria house would be a significant addition to this effort.

A capital investment for the renovation of the house would show the pride citizens and their elected officials have for Pinole and this piece of the town history.


Angela B. Schneider, House of Lilith Hair Designers

I wasn't born and raised in Pinole, unlike many of the people I encounter on a daily basis. That being said, I consider it my home.

I run a small business in Old Town and  I have become very connected to Pinole's past via the close connections I've made with locals over time. In the 20 years that I've been in Pinole, I've also seen the stories die with the people who lived them.

I have always been drawn to history and feel that museums are vital to our future. Without a strong perspective of our history, how can we know where we stand now?

I fully support The Pinole History Museum in its mission to provide the community with great culturally relevant experiences as well as a modern, digital,  interactive way of looking into the past.

I am excited to see the Faria house updated and preserved. Day by day that structure has become more decrepit. The longer it sits stagnant,  the more it will cost to rehab. Let's finally get this project going!


Roberta Tim Quan

The Pinole History Museum will be dedicated to the education and pleasure of the public. Behind it will be an endless sea of faces — yours, mine, ours — that will give it life and distinction. We are a composite as varied and enduring as those who contribute artifacts, materials, and efforts.

The aggregate of social and cultural exhibits and programs will reflect the unique community of Pinole and its environs. As a destination, those who visit will come away enriched with a better understanding of its rich history. Visitors, especially school children, will serve as ambassadors to broadcast the existence of this gem.


John V. Robinson, Department of English, California State University, East Bay

I am writing in support of the Faria House Renovation Project. We in the Bay Area badly need local museums such as the proposed improved Faria House.

Local communities should do more to curate their own histories. I, as a writer, have used several local history museums to research books and articles.

I have spoken at three Pinole History events and attend the local fundraisers.

I urge you to protect and preserve our local history for the enjoyment of future generations.

Pinole History Museum Sponsors

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